Sunday, June 6, 2010

June is looking good!

Images posted by Shauna Intelisano

So far this growing season has provided a nice blend of heat, rain and clouds....

Purple Font

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I think the purple font looks better!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Elati Garden's First Friday Craft Fairs

Posted by Shauna Intelisano

Need Help with Flea Beetles ??

Posted by Shauna Intelisano

Just want to let you know that if you have flea beetles (I think that is the proper name) putting holes in your leaves there is a natural spray that will keep them away...

In a spray bottle of choice
- 1/3 Dr. Brauner's peppermint soap
- 1/3 Vegetable oil
- 1 Tablespoon of cayenne pepper
- Fill the rest of way with water

You can continue to add water as you use. One bottle lasts me a whole summer. After spraying plants with said repellent, spray plants with a little water to spread the bug juice.

Good luck keeping the buggers away!

Introduce Yourselves

Posted by Shauna Intelisano

Gardeners it would be fun if you post some pics of you, your garden and a little introduction.

Come 'on don't be shy....

Elati Gardens' First Friday Craft Fairs

Posted by Shauna Intelisano

Mark your calendar for Elati Gardens' First Friday Craft Fairs!

~First Friday of July the 2nd from 1-8pm
~First Friday of August the 6th from 1-8pm

Vendors Include

~Shauna Intelisano's photography with note cards and prints

~Teresa Castaneda's recycled art flowers and face painting

~Bob contributing art work

~Ayana Pedrick and Laura Kuennen with jewelry

There is room for a few more vendors. If you want to contribute email

If there are any musicians in the garden willing to stop by during the crafts fair and make some wonderful sound that would be much appreciated!

Mike are you still petty cabbing it? If so maybe giving kids a quick ride around to hood or pedaling people to the art walk for a$5 could be great fun....just an idea.

Gardeners and vendors please bring a dish for a table of food we can snack from throughout the day. Try and use as many ingredients from the garden as possible.

A percentage of the total sales will go to the garden's petty cash fund.

~ I hope to see all gardeners and their friends there!