Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elati Garden Summer Schedule 2011

Elati Garden Summer Calendar 2011

Work Days:

The second Saturday of each month 9am to 2pm &

The last Wednesday of each month 5pm to 9pm

April through October 2011

Each month you’re expected to attend 1 work day and put in 2 hours of work per plot


Saturday April 9th & Wednesday April 27th


Saturday May 14th & Wednesday May 25th


Saturday June 11th & Wednesday June 29h


Saturday July 9th & Wednesday July 27th


Saturday August 13th & Wednesday August 31st


Saturday September 10th & Wednesday September 28th


Saturday October 8th & Wednesday October 26th Winterize Elati Garden

Elati Garden First Friday Art Fair/Farmers Market:

Set up 3-5pm, Event 5pm-10pm, Clean-Up 10-11pm


July 1st

August 5th

September 2nd

Elati Garden Classes:

Classes to be announced...

Elati Garden Plot Map 2011

Elati Garden Agreement

Mission Statement: The Elati Community Garden is an all-inclusive Denver Urban Garden (DUG), that welcomes and supports gardeners of all levels to grow in a respectful and organic environment.


1) Be Present by attending at least one workday a month, attending to your plot at least twice a week and doing something for the communal space in the garden. For example, empty the trash if you notice it is full. Gardening at Elati is more than just watering your plot.

2) Begin the season with plot maintenance by cultivating the soil and adding chemical free nutrients.

End the season by putting your plot to bed for the winter by cleaning out plants, turning soil and removing props and structures.

3) Maintain your garden by weeding, watering, harvesting foods, trimming plants and maintaining structures. A unhealthy plot negatively affects others while a healthy plot inspires and encourages the community.

4) Conserve Water by watering before 10am and after 6pm, do not water from 10am to 6pm. Water at the roots instead of spraying water from waist level or higher. Filling empty space with plants also helps to hold water in.

5) Keep the garden chemical free by committing to use chemical free pesticides and fertilizers. Animal manure, compost and coffee grinds are just some of the natural fertilizers that can be used. Natural pesticides such as a spray bottle filled 2/3 with water, 1/3 vegetable oil and Dr. Bronner’s soap and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper is only one natural pesticide recipe that will last all summer and keep hour plants bug free.

6) Keep plants within borders to encourage pedestrians to stay on the pathways and out of gardens.

7) Respect other gardens by only picking food and flowers from other gardens with permission from that gardener, staying out of gardens that are not yours and keep children on pathways.

8) Timely planting. Gardeners must cultivate soil and start planting by the end of May. Growing season starts when the water is turned on the beginning of May.